Whether you support drug use or not, the war on drugs that is being fought is detrimental to society.

The effects of drugs and drug prohibition have a much broader influence in our lives and global society than most people imagine and those effects are not limited to those directly involved with drug use and trade.

We’ve been raised to believe that fighting and prohibiting use through illegalization is the way to stop people from using it.  However, though counter-intuitive, this isn’t true.  Study after study shows that isn’t the case, and once you give it some thought, you’ll learn that most of what we think is correct about drugs and addiction is actually not true.

There are many other organizations and websites out there with lots of good information trying to raise awareness about the issues with the war on drugs.  However, what we noticed is that while they are great resources, it does take a fair bit of digging and researching to really understand the scope of this issue.  In the modern day of social media, abundant information and limited attention, we think there is a need to condense the story into something that can be read and shared within a couple minutes.  Because we couldn’t find something to share like this, we’ve created it.  Hence the creation of drugwarkills.com.

Our goal is to raise awareness about the issues with the war on drugs.  Right now well-intentioned people aren’t aware of how backward the issue is and therefore perhaps unintentionally support it, causing further harm to societies all over the world.  Whether you support drug use or not, the war on drugs is a major issue to society and needs to be stopped.  It creates more violence, more crime, more addicts, and costs tax payers more money.  It needs to end. We think this will start by making people aware of its issues and reformation over time.  We see this happening already throughout the world.

We’re making progress, and we expect some big changes in the coming years.

Do agree with our mission? Then please share this website with your friends and family, it makes a big difference and only takes a few seconds.